Acquire a Multi-Million Dollar RE Portfolio Starting with $3000

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  • 02/13/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Denver
  • 357 McCaslin Blvd Louisville, Colorado 80027
  • Free

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Join us as James takes you on an unforgettable journey... this will be the night you realize you can acquire a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio--even in today's crazy real estate market--with just $3,000.

It sounds unbelievable...even too good to be true. We know. But trust us, we know what we're talking about. James wrote the book on this. Literally.

James has been teaching classes on real estate and real estate investing since 2003 at Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group in Fort Collins (NCREIG) and here's what he has to say about this one.

"I've heard people say this is the best class we teach of the 50+ different classes we've taught at NCREIG. Come find out why. Skip your anniversary, risk leaving the kids with your crazy brother-in-law for one night, call in sick to work, but don't miss this class... it is phenomenal." - James

These classes are open to everyone and curated through For additional details and to RSVP to this class please visit us at It's free and everyone is welcome, space permitting.

I've been going to NCREIG, taught by James for a few years and he's no high promising, late night guru - James does the math, knows the market, and says it like it is! This info is mind shifting and life altering!

Wow this is right up my alley...definitely adding you guys on meetup & finding out more! Thanks for the info @James Orr !!

Thank you to everyone who attended last night!

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