Philadelphia Brewerytown BP Meetup 1st Wednesday of every month

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  • 02/07/18 06:30PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • 1363 North 31 Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121
  • Free
  • Flying Fish Crafthouse/Brewerytown Taproom

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Hi All,

The Argo team started a Brewerytown BP meetup a couple of years ago and it was very successful in its short run. We got busy, the summer months hit and attendance dropped off, so we furloughed it. IT'S BACK!!! The Brewerytown market, along with many other Philadelphia neighborhoods, is exploding and we wanted to connect with some of the BP investors and future investors in the area. There will be no selling, pitching or anything of that nature at these meetups, it's strictly a networking and BS'ing event. You're more than welcome to introduce yourself and mention that you may have deals available if anyone is interested but they'd have to connect with you one-on-one. No pitching to the group and no literature other than business cards. The owner of the host building and restaurant is an investor as well and doesn't want flyers for someone else's real estate running around her business. 

The first meetup will be Wednedsday 2/7 at 6:30pm and we'll have one thereafter every first Wednesday of the month at the same place and time. We're having it at what used to be called the Flying Fish Crafthouse. The Crafthouse is in the middle of rebranding to the Brewerytown Taproom so don't let the website/signage out front throw you. We'll be up the stairs in the large back room. No food or drinks provided, everyone is responsible for their own tabs. I look forward to seeing you all there! 

FF Crafthouse website...for now but it's likely to change soon to something along the lines of Brewerytown Taproom. 

Here's the address: 1363 North 31 StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19121

@David Ross @Jeremy T. @Justin John

Wish I could attend. Definitely looking to make the next one!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight

It will end up being tough to make it most of the time, but I'm going to make sure that @David Ross , @Troy S.  make sure I'm tagged on the next event so that I can try to come. :-) 

Been wanting to catch up with you guys for a few years since you first started posting on BP about your early flips. You've been crazy busy the last few years and I look forward to hearing more about it. 

what time is the meeting?

@Troy S. is the meetup still going to happen with the weather? Would be a cold walk back from Brewerytown. Maybe post here if you guys decide to cancel?

Originally posted by @Tim Butters :

@Troy S. is the meetup still going to happen with the weather? Would be a cold walk back from Brewerytown. Maybe post here if you guys decide to cancel?

Hey Tim, totally agree and was just about to post after I read the latest weather update this morning. I don't want anyone risking their safety for a meetup so we'll be canceling this months meeting. Thanks! 

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Looking forward to continuing to  build our Brewerytown and Philadelphia network. Catch you all Wednesday!

Thanks for putting this together Argo. Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!

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