Airbnb for your Investment Property- discussion panel

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  • 02/01/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Chop Shop, 2nd Floor, 2033 W North Ave Chicago, Illinois 60647
  • Free

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Come join my Team and I, in our bi-monthly panel discussion! This Month's discussion is on Airbnb for your investment properties and how to increase you're cash flow. Hear from our 3 guest panelist. Our meet up location for this event is at Chop Shop located in the popular Wicker Park neighborhood. 

Please RSVP by clicking here, space is limited!

Hope you all can make it to the event!!   @Phillip Faries   @Bryan Bokowy   @Brian Backus   @Ethan Massen   @Joey Nakayama @Jeremy Dixon   @Meghan Quinn   @Les Rorick  @Albert W. @Gyata Kimmons @Ronan M. @Michael Facchini

To learn more about the X Plus Team and services available please visit explore videos, properties and even download pro formas for properties you are interested in! 

Can't wait!! Last event we had a packed house and it was great to meet people like myself that are getting ready to make their first investment purchase! 

Such an informative and fun speaking series!  Very excited to be a part of this one as it promises to shed light on a topic matter that many investors (and soon to be investors) are curious about!  

Thanks for the notification, Weston. I couldn't make the last one but will make sure to attend this event! Kudos.

Really looking forward to this event!! Can’t wait to meet people with the same drive and goals as me. Thanks for tagging me Weston! 

Sounds interesting, see you there!

Thank you for everyone who is coming! For those who missed our last event, here are some photos! 

Alright so here is my ideal plan for my first investment;

Really hoping to get a 4 unit property, will settle for 3 units, all depends on the numbers. I would do this as owner occupied living in one of the smaller units. While living there do some remodeling. Rent out the other units but keep one unit as airbnb and short term furnished rental in the winters. I see high demand for short term furnished units but very very low inventory. 

Long term would be moving through out the building as leases end and continue to some upgrading and hopefully existing tenants will just want to move into nicer units. 

Can't wait until the event to learn more about how to make this my reality :)

Cannot wait!  The last event was a hit and excited to check this one out too!  Great speaking series going on here, and looking forward to what this panel has to say!

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