H.I.T.(Houston Investment Team) Houston's Inner Loop B.P. Meet Up

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  • 02/22/18 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/Chicago
  • Frontier Title Company is allowing us to use their office , 1177 West Loop South Suite 1350 Houston, Texas 77027
  • Free

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H.I.T (Houston Investment Team) is a central (inner loop) meet up for Houston Texas. The name H.I.T. was born out of the foundational idea that Bigger Pockets promotes and that is being helpful to one another and being a "team" to each other as we embark on or further our real estate investment journey.

This meet up is for distinguished investor and the newbie as we all have things to gain and learn from each other.

Our second monthly meet up will be held at the Frontier Title Company. They graciously allowed us to use their fantastic office and conference room with views of downtown and memorial park. Their won't be any sales pitches, guru bs, or items for sale. This is purely a meet up for like minded people looking to share and grow with and through others.

Our second speaker(s) will be Jeff Wagner and Phillip Morris from One Trust Home Loans. With a combined tenure in the mortgage industry of over 20 years they have a lot of knowledge to share.  Phillip has special knowledge of investor friendly loans and One Trust Home Loans offers some cool lending options specific to investors with good rates.   Jeff owns and operates a Houston Branch of One Trust Home Loans and he also travels to other cities to educate other office owners within the One Trust Company.

I'm excited to share these guys with you.  They have been very helpful and beneficial to me and many of my clients.

Share in the comments if you plan to attend so I can get a good head count.

To building the best version of yourself...

@Tristan S. 1.22.18 6pm-7:30pm 1177 west loop south Suite 1350.

Details should be at the top of the page? They are also on the events page.

@Matthew Gullo sorry about that. It was different on the mobile app, I could not see the top part.

@Tristan S. no worries. I was worried people couldn’t see it. See you at the event!

I've been making it my goal to build my network, and this will be my first real estate meetup in 2018. I'm done analyzing and finding excuses to prevent myself from taking action. I look forward to meeting you all.


Hello Matthew,

I will be buying my first house this year so i would like to attend and ask some questions. Would also like to soak in some good real estate info and meet investors in Houston. See you then.  

I am going to try and make arrangements to be there, I get out of work at 6 p.m. on that day.  I am in Downtown Houston, but will try to make it there as soon as possible.

@Adolph Postel come and network with us when you get off work.  We will have one in March as well.

Is this associated with the same HIT meetup for apartment investing that Ben Suttles runs?

@Michael Le it is not. I haven’t heard of his event. This is the Houston Investment Team and is for local Houston investors.

Well, you guys both chose the same name and acronym for your real estate meetup :) I'm not sure who started first but Ben's been doing it for about a year and a half now.


I'm in. See yall there. 

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Bring your lender/financing questions.


Hello everyone,

Looking to continue my education faze of real estate investing. See you tomorrow 

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