Northeastern NJ Real Estate Investors Networking Meetup

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  • 02/28/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • 11 Hardenberg St New Brunswick , New Jersey 08901
  • Free

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Welcome! Consider this your personal invitation to join the Northeastern NJ Real Estate Investors Networking Meetup. No matter what your strategy is, we want to hear about it! It doesn't matter if you have zero, one, or one hundred properties, you are more than welcome to join us. Our meetups are open discussion, casual, and designed to provide an environment that is focused on: 1) Networking, 2) Encouragement, and 3) Learning. 

You will be able to park in the parking lot across the street from the building we'll be meeting in. Click HERE for a map - the star indicates where you should park.

Thanks for the notification. Will definitely try to make it to this meetup!

Unable to attend due to another work commitment. My apologies everyone.

No problem man. We meet every month, hopefully you can catch the next one

No problem man. We meet every month, hopefully you can catch the next one

Awesome, looking to learn more about real estate investing.

Hello all, I am new to RE investing (and BP), reason for my interest in this event. 

I am not 100% sure where I plan to farm as yet, NJ or NY, simple connecting with others to learn and find partners. 

Fyi, I will be coming from NY (over GW bridge), so I might be a few minutes late. 

Excited to learn and grow.

Hey man, looking forward to meeting you there. We have a nice open discussion and you can even pose that question to the group on NJ vs NY.

Looking forward to meeting everyone this Wednesday. Please comment if you have any questions

Hello when is it.?

Originally posted by @Keith Torres :

Hello when is it.?

Wednesday 02/28/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM at 11 Hardenberg St. New Brunswick, NJ

Hello everyone im new to bp and to investing but id be very happy to attend and meet everyone to exchange ideas and meet like minded people.

what time can we start parking at the lot you suggested?

Please keep us posted on future meet-ups. Thanks!

Hello everyone here is the nxt meetup


Hope you have been well. Are there any upcoming meetups?


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