Phoenix February Meetup: Tour of 3 Fix an Flips in Process

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  • 02/15/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Phoenix
  • 2333 N. 29th St. Phoenix, Arizona 85008
  • Free

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This month one of our members has offered to walk us through not one but three residential projects he has at various stages of completion.

Please note the time change: We will be meeting at the first property at 6PM sharp. The address is 2333 N. 29th St. Phoenix AZ  Directions to the subsequent properties will be provided at the first property, they are all in the same neighborhood.

It is important to be on time as this first site does not have power yet and we want to get through before it gets dark. We will then be proceeding to two additional sites, one rehab and one ground up construction that is in it's final phase. Directions to the other properties will be provided at the first site.

Some of what we will cover:  Learn why Bo prefers ground up builds and how they can be safer than traditional fix and flip projects  and the process he follows.  If you are already investing you are sure to go home with some new ideas, If you are new and just starting this is a chance to lean how other local people have started and grown their business.

A big thanks goes out to Bo for sharing his knowledge, experience and projects with the group.

About our host Bo:

Bo Seamands is Vice President at Merchants Funding AZ a local hard money lender. Over the last 4 years he has closed over 170 loans here in the valley for real estate investors. Recently, he has taken on an additional role as a loan originator for their sister company Orchard Funding based in Venice Beach, California where he will be working to grow their southern California presence. He is also a licensed real estate agent with HomeSmart. Aside from his day job, he owns and manages 2 vacation rentals in Scottsdale, AZ. He and his two partners are in the middle of building 4 homes (ground-up) and 1 extensive rehab in central Phoenix. They are set to build a total of 9 homes this year. He has a finance degree from the Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama.

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Hello bob,

Could you message me some more details about this?

Thank you

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Never mind, In the BP app it doesn't show the information at the top. On the PC I see it now. Thank you :)

This will be a great Meetup with something for everyone.   if you are doing fix and flip, need a hard money lender, want to understand to serious investors look at neighborhoods and markets this is for you.

Looking forward to seeing every one.

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Critical Update:

Due to weather we will be changing the starting location for tomorrows Meetup to:

2602 n. 30th pl. PHx, AZ 85008

This is only a few blocks away but should be a dryer location then previously planned.  We will then move to tour a completed rehab a few blocks away.

Drinks and Pizza will be provided.


Reminder 6PM.  We will be moving after a while to our final location, a nearby completed ground up build.

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