Meetup in Dubai, Feb 2018

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  • 02/21/18 08:00PM - 11:00PM America/New_York
  • read the description please, Mall of the Emirates Dubai, Florida 32839
  • Free

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Hello Everyone in the UAE!

On the 21st of February 2018 we will have a real estate meetup in Dubai. Its free to join and it will be beginner friendly. You can also bring someone if you like. Please let me know in advance who is coming so I can book sufficient tables for us to sit at. The event will start at 8PM (20.00) and will last for about 3 hours. Please note that this is NOT a Florida Event! The website made me choose a location but only provided USA options! This will be in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The exact location will be determined soon and posted here.

The purpose of this meetup is to connect you with other investors so you can socialize, learn, share and have a good time. It does not matter if you have done a hundred deals or zero. Everyone is welcome! 

The topic for this event will be about investing in real estate locally versus investing in another country. After that we will let everyone share about themselves and what they are after, and conversation will run free. Looking forward to seeing you there!

My name is Morgan, and if you need to reach me my WhatsApp is +971563643964

Hello there.  I would LOVE to come, but it is in the middle of the week and we live in Al Ain.  Please keep me posted on the next meet up (hopefully on a weekend).  Thanks.  I look forward to hearing all the great things that come from this.  

PS- aren't you still jet-lagged? :).  Have a great week!!!

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