Airbnb Investments in Colorado

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  • 02/21/18 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/Denver
  • Capitol Hill Tavern. We'll be in the back room., 1225 Logan St. Denver, Colorado 80203
  • Free

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Grab a drink and learn the laws and opportunities around Airbnb and short-term rentals in Colorado.

While some cities like Colorado Springs are open season for short-term rental investors, others like Denver require some creative workarounds. (And in some instances, you just can't do it at all.)

We'll give a short presentation about:

-- Cities that are friendly to Airbnb investment
-- Creative workarounds in Denver
-- Insurance products to protect you
-- Tax collections
-- City enforcement efforts

See us in-person at the Capitol Hill Tavern. Or watch us live streaming on our  Facebook page. The event is FREE but please register at our website.

Just a reminder that I'll be giving a short talk about Airbnb laws and investment opportunities in Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities along the Front Range. Our crowds have varied between 20 and 30 people, so you'll have a chance before and after to talk with others interested in short-term rentals.

Oh, and if you hate beer or interacting with humans face-to-face, we'll stream it live on  our Facebook page

@James Carlson  I can't come in person to this event, but thank you in advance for streaming it via FB so I can learn. There's a few 'less-than-legal Air Bnbs in our neighborhood and I'm interested in how to do this strategy within the legal guidelines. 

@Erin Carpenter

Great! I hope it's helpful. I'll "see" there digitally. And reach out if you ever have any questions not answered in the talk. 

@James Carlson  

I cannot make it tonight, I did, however, look through your website and let me say... very informative and well put together. I will definitely be at the next one! have a great time tonight.

@Erin Carpenter we operate a bunch of them in Denver - all operating within the law,  if you'd like to reach out.  

@Adam Ferro  

We welcome anyone who wants to balloon our ego by complimenting our website. 

Seriously, thanks for the note. We'll hold another of these Airbnb events in Colorado Springs next week, Feb. 28. We'll also hold another in Denver next month. Or feel free to reach out any time. Cheers.

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