Tampa Bay's Unplugged REI Mastermind Meetup

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  • 03/07/18 06:30PM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • The Mill Restaurant Brandon, 109 West Bloomingdale Ave. Brandon, Florida 33511
  • Free

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I recently moved from chilly Cincinnati to sunny, warm Tampa Bay Florida and am going to start a monthly (and maybe a weekly) mastermind/meetup group! It will be modeled after the successful meetup group hosted by @Joe Fairless in Cincinnati. 

It will be free and is open to real estate professionals and investors of all experience levels. If you are in the Tampa Bay area (or more specifically, the Brandon, FL area), RSVP by clicking the link below. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and working together to take our real estate businesses to the next level!

I will see you in March.


Glad to have you in the sunshine state my friend - I will see you March 7th! 

I'm new to the REI scene but I'm moving to the area this fall and I'd be interested in meeting up once I'm in town.

I have been trying to find other like minded REI people in the Fort Myers area. No meet up groups in this area (maybe I should start one). I have been around rentals for 35 years as a teenager with my dad and now in own couple dozen rentals in the Fort Myers area. My next step is to enter the larger multi-family rental arena. And larger single family fix and flips. My first 6-plex last year did not work out. But I learned immeasurable lessons from it. I want to try again and do better this time.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Love having another Free REIA meeting! Wish it wasn't the first Wednesday of the month because there are already a few that evening....

Hi Theo - Welcome to Sunny Fl! 

Sorry i missed your 1st meeting but 

When is your next meet up?  - would be great to network w other multifamily investors

Cheers William

Please let me know when the next one is happening as well, would love to come. 

I am also interested in meeting. Please let me know when you will be hosting another Meetup. 

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