Northwest Arkansas Meetup

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  • 03/15/18 07:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • In the back., 1815 Green Acres Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703
  • Free

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By popular demand we are going for another round! Let's get together for a networking and deal swap! We will be meeting at the Foghorns in Fayetteville off of Green Acres. Shoot for March 15th starting at 6PM. Bring your information, deals, and what your are looking for (Address: 1815 Green Acres Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Date/Time: March 15th @ 6PM

Tags: Rogers, Springdale, Bentonville, NWA, Arkansas

People: @Henry Washington , @Jonathan Boyd , @Kelley Weir, @Ryan Blackstone , @Susan H. , @Paul Younger ,

@Ryan Williams

Apologies for the double post... The other posted before I was finished. 

Good morning folks. I'm new to the site, but a regular follower of the podcast. I have a good friend who is a realtor in Fayetteville, and I personally am an aspiring investor. Room for two of us at the meetup? 

That sounds great! @ Dustin Davis  I'm looking forward to meeting you all. 

Just wanted to bump this and keep it on everyone's radar! Look forward to seeing everyone!

Hey folks,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and come to find out, my wife and friends have planned a conflicting get together for me! I would love to keep the momentum of these meet and greet gatherings going, and will definitely make the next one. I only have one birthday a year most years, ha!  So should be able to make it! :) 

Just a reminder! Tomorrow is the meetup!

Hey gang, I was super excited to attend my first meet up but my partners scheduled a board meeting at 6:30 tonight.  The consumer goods company we started about 4 years ago is in the middle of a big growth spurt.  

Bummed to miss it but I will definitely catch the next one!   

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