Boston Multifamily Investor Meetup

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  • 03/20/18 06:30PM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • Tony C's - Assembly Row, 699 Assembly Row Somerville, Massachusetts 02145
  • Free

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Looking forward to discussing multifamily investing with everyone. We will do a quick kick off and discuss as a group how we'd like to structure the meetings going forward. 

It’s a bit out of the way for me but will try to make it. 

Awesome - thank you for facilitating the event and I look forward to it! 

I'm going to try and make the tail end of this meetup.  Thanks for facilitating @James E.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at 6:30pm at Tony C's in Assembly Row, Somerville! Let me know if any questions or have trouble finding it --> 978 587 7173

@James E. not going to make it tonight, but hopefully, there will be more meet up in the area in the near future.

Hi Everyone, 

We will be located in the bar area. I will be there a little early to put a sign-up. Feel free to give me or James a call. My cell is 978-360-7817. 

Hi Everyone -

I live locally and have been searching out some investments for some time now. Ended up with a SF instead in Boston, but again looking to buy.

Not an established investor yet, but want to be!

Is this solely for already established? Would love to network, etc.



Can't make this one tonight, but would definitely be interested in future meetups!


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adding email address: [email protected]

Great meeting you all last night and looking forward to our next meetup!

@James E.   Wish I could have come to this.  I'll stay tuned for the next one.  

Look forward to making the next meet up.

I wish I saw the event earlier! Definitely interested in the next meetup

It was great meeting everyone last night! It's always motivating to meet with other investors and hear what they are doing.

@Alex Bettencourt This is for all types of investors. New and experienced 

@Kevin Dureiko I will add you to the list. Sending out an invite for the meetup group shortly. 

@Matt Tatkow Added to list as well

@Stuart Gardner

Here's the link to the meetup, we will be scheduling the next meetup shortly. Stay tuned. 

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