Real Estate Association of London (REAL) Ontario Investors Meetup

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  • 04/03/18 06:30PM - 10:00AM America/New_York
  • Our meetup will take place in the "Pussycat Lounge", Palasad North (777 Adelaide St N) London, Ontario N5Y 2L8
  • Free

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Hey Bigger Pockets it's my pleasure to announce the first meetup for the Real Estate Association of London! (or R.E.A.L. for short).

We will be meeting at 6:30pm at the Palasad North location (Beside Goodlife fitness). You'll find our group in the "*****cat Lounge"  (Southwest corner of building). Meetings are scheduled to go until 9:30pm, but regularly go later as conversation gets exciting.

We started as a small group of local London Ontario Real Estate enthusiasts who've been spending the past few years hustling to network with fellow like minded individuals. Since then we have grown our Facebook page to almost surpass 200 members. It's our goal to continually grow this passionate community, while giving value to those new to real estate, and experienced Real Estate Professionals as well.

Here's a link to our Facebook page. Go ahead and join to have access to all the regularly posted local real estate content:

If you've never been to one of our events before - come out! If you're not able to make it for 6:30pm, feel free to drop by later - we'll still be there at 7, 8, 9pm.. and possibly later.

Feel free to message us on Facebook with any questions!

As always, this event is completely free - we just want to bring value to you.

If you'd like to stay in the loop for future event make sure to keep a lookout here on Bigger Pockets, Join our Facebook group, or Join our Meetup page.

Look forward to some great conversation, the ability to share success stories, talk about potential upcoming deals/opportunities and being able to meet more of you awesome individuals :)

Looking forward to our first REAL meetup! Guaranteed to be some big players in London there.

***UPDATE*** It has been announced that our very own Matt Mckeever will be giving a presentation talk on the subject of "The Evolution of a Real Estate Portfolio" Matt has scaled his portfolio to +70 units, and over 100 tenants, and will share his insights from different milestones along his journey.

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