PNW Big Bad Ass Real Estate Wealth Expo 2018!

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  • 04/27/18 08:00AM - 10:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Westin Bellevue, 600 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, Washington 98004
  • $275

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When: April 27th-29th

Where: Westin Bellevue WA - taking it over!

Full event details, speakers, and more: 

Join us for the ONLY Pacific Northwest Real Estate Investors conference and Expo!  Last year we had over 500 investors gather for this epic event with this year going even bigger!

No sales or pitching, no gurus, this is a no BS event full of top real estate investors from here on BP as well as abroad.  

  • MASSIVE Networking event!
  • 50+ Vendors and booths - local and national companies to help grow your real estate business
  • Over 40 TOP real estate investors from the PNW and nationally - sharing how they are crushing it!
  • Two (2) incredible Cocktail networking parties
  • One VIP dinner - network with the speakers and other top investors (VIP tickets given day of event, must win tickets at event, not for sale)
  • Massive prizes and raffles throughout the conference! $10,000's in prizes
  • This is ONLY investor focused expo and conference the Pacific Northwest has. Its why we created it...!

A few of the speakers and topics (line up and profiles on our website)

  • J Scott - most recognized BP contributor - Negotiations
  • @Will Barnard - How to add massive value to your next flip
  • Kathy Fettke - building a multi million dollar portfolio
  • Tarl Yarber - scaling your business and fix/flip systems
  • Thach Nguyen - Millionaire mindset
  • Tucker Merrihew - Direct mail marketing strategies (this guy owns the copy write on Driving for dollars!)
  • Masters of Off Market - Panel with the best wholesalers and direct to seller marketers in the PNW
  • Masters of Flip - Panel of the top fix/flip investors in the PNW and abroad
  • Buy and Hold Panel - combined panel guests have 1000's of rental units
  • Commercial and Multi Family Panel - panel with people who invest BIG!
  • Raising Capital Panel - 100's of millions have been raised by these panelist, how do you start raising money for your business and your next deal?
  • JUST A TASTE!! So much more - see the website now!

My name is Tarl Yarber, my team and I created this event last year out of a necessity for the PNW.  I have to travel all over the United States in order to go to real estate conferences.  I thought why is that?  After much debate, we created one specific to the Pacific Northwest!  This will be the second year running and it is going to be HUGE!  Too much to write here.  I am very excited about this conference and the caliber of speakers, vendors, and attendees.  I will see you there!


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$75 off your ticket today!

Code expires April 11th - get your tickets NOW


Hey folks - 

*REALLY* looking forward to speaking at this event and meeting a bunch of new people...  

Any BP folks who are there, please come introduce yourself and say hello!

Hey BP Nation.

I too am very excited to be speaking at another great event and look forward to meeting as many BP members as possible in person so please do come find me and say hello.

Looks like a great event. 

shoot going to miss that one too,  be in Hawaii... Next one though.. since its so close to me.. 

you will Like Tucker he is quite sharp and a massively good High end builder.. Him and  Will should have a lot in common.

I don't have any affiliation with this, but I went last year and it was some of the best money I've spent in a while. I don't think there is any way you could leave this expo and not get thousands of dollars worth of value. The speakers were amazing, I met some awesome people, and within the first couple hours, I learned a few things that steered me away from loosing about 10k on a rehab project that I was about to do. 

If you're on BP, you're already making the right moves to be an investor. This weekend is a serious investment. Not in real estate, but in your education. It will no doubt pay you multiples of whatever the ticket price is. 

Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for this year @Tarl Yarber !

I went last year and all 3 days were fantastic.  This is definitely an event all Bigger Pockets members should attend.  It is worth traveling to and staying overnight nearby.  Bring your laptop so that you can work remotely while you're out of the office.

It's events like these that make a huge difference in getting ahead. 

Was there last year and can't wait for this year! Got my tickets already :)
Those who are serious about wanting to invest in real estate should be there. All levels... newbies and veterans welcome!

Originally posted by @Pradeep Tiwari :

Its one day or three days ? 

 Its three days April 27-29

I went last year and was amazed at the caliber of investor that I met. This year, I purchased my tickets early, I'm bringing some of my buyers, and I'm telling everyone in my local REIA that they should go. This is a unique opportunity to hear from and talk with people doing deals, changing life trajectories, and building a business. Way to go @Tarl Yarber

Event looks like it'll be awesome. I won't be able to get away on that Friday. Wish you had a livestream or recording. I nominate Portland/Vancouver for PNW Big Bad *** Real Estate Wealth Expo 2019!

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