DFW REI Network N. Dallas Meetup

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  • 04/04/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Jakes Burgers 6195 West Main Street Frisco, Texas 75034
  • Free

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Don't miss this months meeting with Kim Stallings with Heritage Risk Advisers. Have insurance questions? Bring them! She works with a lot of investors and knows the pitfalls, what to look for, what to make sure you are prepared for and how to CYA!

Welcome to DFW REI Network. We have had meetings in Euless for 2.5 years and have usually around 70 investors that attend. We are a social group that provides education and networking FREE. We do not allow guru sales. We have a great group, lots of fun, and great speakers. Please join us at our new N. Dallas Meeting!
NO GURU SALES! Just great people, education and networking.

You can RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/DFW-REI-Network-Investing-M...

See you Weds!

I wish people would stop saying "N. Dallas" or "North Dallas" when they do not mean it.  North Dallas does not mean anything in Collin County.  It does not mean Frisco.  It does not mean Wylie.  It certainly does not mean McKinney.

As a general rule, people in North Dallas consider themselves of a higher socio-economic group than people in Far North Dallas.  The people in Far North Dallas consider themselves in a higher socio-economic group than any other people North of 635.

This is a good way to think about it.  If you ask someone from Frisco what they do, they will say where they and their spouse work.  If you ask the same question in North Dallas, they might say philanthropy or that they own professional sports teams, or that they are a former President of the United States. 

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