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  • 04/19/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Denver
  • Neighborhood and street parking available, Max's Wine Dive Denver, Colorado 80218
  • Free

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Hey. Hey. Hey. Calling all BP ladies... we are starting an investment club for women. Our inaugural event is 4/19 at 6PM at Max's Wine Dive in Capitol Hill. Neighborhood and street parking are available.

The point of this group is to socialize, throw around thoughts and ideas on investing and talk about next steps. For the first meetup, we'll do an ice breaker and that will simply be- if you've read a good book on investing or money management, tell us what it is and why you like it. 

Please RSVP me through email if you plan on attending. If we surpass 10 invites, we may change the location (and will update.) 

I'm very much looking forward to meeting all of you! Thanks - Erin

Love it!!  I can make it, but not until closer to 7 probably.  Will plan to be there and excited to meet some other lady investors!  Thanks for organizing!

So fun!!  Hopefully I can make the next one.  What a great idea!!  

Sounds great! I can't make meeting #1 but please keep me in the loop for #2

@Linda Weygant thanks for the callout. I think this is awesome! I will be out of town for this one, but am in for the future!

I think this is a fantastic idea!  Looking forward to meeting everyone at the inaugural meeting!

Thanks @Micki M. . for looping me in, I would love to attend but probably can't make it until 6:30.  Thanks @Erin Spradlin for organizing this, I have been looking for a women's REI meetup. I did come across one on "Meet Up" where I met the wonderful Micki. I definitely have ideas for topics to discuss as a woman trying to make a mark in REI.

@Jennifer Ward - Hey there! Looking forward to meeting and come whenever you can! I'm sure we'll be chatting for awhile. 

Hi! I can't make this one, but keep me in the loop for the upcoming events as well! Thanks!!

Hey All- Just a reminder that this is happening at 6PM tonight at Max's Wine & Dive. If you're going to be late, no worries. If you've already RSVP'd me an update, also no worries- just pinging you in case anything has changed. Will keep this list updated for our next meeting as well. For those of you that can join, see you tonight! - Erin

@Linda Weygant , @Lia Martinez , @Jean Bolger , @Barbara Kothmann n, @Jennifer Ward , @Denise Hammond , @Julie Hill , @Kimberly Gillock , @Lisa Reyna , @Sabrina Moss , @Linda Stowell

Fun event last night!!  Wish I had a chance to meet everyone!  Thanks for organizing, @Erin Spradlin !  #whoruntheworld

Hello! I'd like to attend the next event! :)

Yes, thanks for organizing, Erin! What a fun group, looking forward to next time!

Thanks to everyone that joined Thursday night! The turn out was great and we covered a lot of interesting topics: notes, reverse 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRAs, local (and online) real estate schools, multiplexes in St. Louis, being a solo investor v. being a partner investor, etc.

I really enjoyed the conversations and the company. Will post again soon on next date and location.

Thanks again to everyone that came! @Lisa Reyna , @Jennifer Ward , @Denise Hammond , @Sabrina Moss , @Linda Weygant , @Mindy Jensen , @nikicao, @Erin Arcand , @christinasevilla

Ladies!!! You’re all fantastic! It was great to see and meet you all! Looking forward to next month! Cheers. 

Hi ladies!  Wondering if the next meetup is scheduled?  Hopefully the week of May 21 when I'm in town?  (being selfish lol!)

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