London Ontario April 17, 2018

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  • 04/17/18 06:30PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • Tiger Jacks Bar and Grill, 842 Wharncliffe Rd S London, Ontario N5P3X5
  • Free

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This month marks TWO YEARS of monthly London Bigger Pockets Meet-Ups! To celebrate, we'll be doing the exact same thing we do everything month! 

Come out for a pint or a plate and chat with local real estate investors and professionals about creative ways to invest in real estate in our Southwest Ontario market. No presentations, just a couple hours of real face to face networking.

Join our Facebook group at:

Hello Matt, my name is Eddie and I am new to the BP world. It's exciting to know that someone near me is engaged with BP and I look forward to attending your event to learn more. Just so that I am not being rude, is it okay to attend the event a little later in the evening? I work long hours, I am afraid I won't be able to make it in until around 8pm. Let me know if this would hinder your affair. Thanks

Eddie, we keep it pretty casual. Glad you can make it out to join us!

Is there a local online forum for us in London?

@Eddie Lindor see the Facebook group in the first post. From there I'm sure you'll find a couple of related groups in the area hosted by others in the community. 

Is there a certain section you guys it at ? I’m here.

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