Lunch and Learn - April - Eden Prairie

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  • 04/22/18 12:00PM - 01:00PM America/Chicago
  • Meeting in the food court, Eden Prairie Food Court Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
  • Free

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We had a great session in March.  Let's keep it going in April.


....Quick Intro 

....Share your goals, experience, and what you do.

....Share what you are looking next ("I need help with ...", "Looking for a recommendation for ...", etc)

....1 thing that I learned this last month that would be useful for everyone

Buy your own lunch. 

No cover, no pitches - use common sense here folks. 

Hey Dave,

Would brand new "hopeful" investors be welcome? I have not done my first deal yet but am hoping to within the next year. I've been listening to as many BP podcasts as I can and have been reading books as well for the past few years. I'm currently just trying to get all of my finances lined up and stable to buy a 2-4 unit and "house hack". 

Hello everyone! My name is Patrick Olownia, I am 24 and BRAND NEW to real estate investing. I currently work as an RN and love my job, but have just recently started to hear and learn about the idea of buy and hold rental properties and accumulating positive cash flow... My ideal first "goal" is to buy a duplex/triplex to live in and rent out the other rooms.

I am very eager and excited to join you all and I'm sure I will look like a fish out of water but am motivated to learn this market and to hear what everyone has to say.

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