Desert REI MeetUp (Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage/CC/PD/DHS/Indio)

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  • 05/17/18 06:00PM - 07:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Koffi South Palm Springs @ 1700 S. Camino Real Palm Springs, California 92264
  • Free

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Hello fellow BP members!  I am a new real estate investor, growing in RE investing knowledge but lacking in contacts and networking.  I have searched for local REIAs in the Coachella Valley and for meetup groups on BP but have not found any as of yet.  So as Brandon and Josh say on the BP podcast - if there's not one in your area - start one.

This meetup will be very informal and casual and will really be more about each of us meeting each other and discussing our backgrounds and where we are looking to grow and move forward in RE investing.  I'm not planning anything formal/no presentations - just good coffee and conversation.

If you're interested, please sign up and come.  Networking will only make all of us stronger and better for it.

Right now I have set the date/time as a Thursday evening and was considering putting in on the calendar for every 3rd Thurs of each month, but that is something that all of us can discuss at this first MeetUp so that this fits in with our calendars.

I hope any BP members (or friends of BP members) who are in or around the Coachella Valley will feel free to come and network and enjoy learning about each other.

Thanks and I looking forward to seeing you!


Love it! I will see if I can make it. I'll let you know early next week. Thank you for your initiative and efforts, Dutch.

@Dutch H. FYI their is an Inland Empire meet up in Riverside area. I know that is different than Coachella Valley, yet, their are a number of people with significant experience that are worth connecting with.

Nice, I will try to make it. I have 10 lots in 29 Palms that I'd like to network and see if a developer or investor is interested.

Larry and Janet French run CV REIA 

I have been struggling to find more meetups that are a bit closer to Coachella Valley as well, most events look to be a bit more towards the OC and LA areas. I look forward to meeting with everyone that attends and am more than happy to do what I can to make them a regular occurrence!

@Dutch H. are you still planning on making this happen? I’d be happy to grab coffee and talk shop sometime if nobody else is interested.

I only just joined BP and cannot make it tomorrow being short notice. I'd love to come to the next one though. Thank you for starting an event in the Coachella Valley. I'm in La Quinta. - Helena (Not sure you can see my name).

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Please let me know about the next one

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