Boardroom Mastermind: Passive Buy & Hold Roundtable

Please bring your own dinner and beverages.

6:30PM-7:00PM Open networking
7:00PM-9:00PM No late arrivals unless prior notice to respect for others

Email [email protected] and introduce yourself. Limit 12 attendees.

Flowmaster role – Coordinates meeting time and queues Hot Seat and Roundtable
during the meeting, time enforcer

This is known as the Mastermind format (10 minutes per person / 8X12=2 hours):

1) Brief 1-minute introduction

2) 3-minute individual report w/ clarification questions from the Roundtable
a. What working on?
b. Things I have done in past?
c. Steps forward?
d. What is my barrier/limiting belief?

3) Roundtable: Everyone gives input for >30 seconds

4) Hot Seat commits to action items

5) Repeat with next Hot Seat

Mastermind closeout (in coming weeks/month):

1) Accountability Buddies assigned
a. Mentor/Student - Strengths go with those with weakness
b. Peer/Peer - Similar action plans/commitments
c. Randomness

2) Things to improve on and get better with Mastermind format

3) Flowmaster assigned

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