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Want to learn how to fix and flip houses here in New York City, even if you have no money or credit?

I have been fixing and flipping since 1992. I actually started in Hawaii, which is even more competitive than New York City, and I have worked with private lenders and joint venture partnerships without ever using my credit. From single family homes, to multi-family and even new development.

This will be an intensive focus training event - I will share information that you can implement in your business today.

Here in New York City there is a great opportunity for fix and flip! If you ever wanted to learn how to fix and flip then this is an event not to miss.

It doesn’t matter if you are new in the business or if you already know it all, attend this event and learn:

• Marketing Strategy to Attract the Truly Motivated Sellers (Hidden Markets and Niches;)

• How to Make offers that will create a Win-Win Situation for You and the Sellers;

• Where to Find ALL the Money you Need regardless of Credit or Finances (most of the sources will surprise you!)

& so much more!

You will also receive a Take Away Manual with Presentation Training Notes!

As you can see this will be a knowledge packed event.

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You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and as always, network with other investors and professionals, before and after the presentation, who have services and information that can be beneficial to all attendees.



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About the Speaker

Laura Alamery is a local real estate investor and consultant with extensive experience in several aspects of the real estate business - she has pioneered several strategies from personal experience that she now teaches nationwide, even to other mentors!. She has practiced real estate nationwide for 28 years and she has hosted seminars and public speaking engagements for over 15 years.

She has started and run the following companies:

Diversified Real Estate: Investments – private money and syndication (started in 2001) South City Investments: holding company for buy and hold assets (started in 2002) Archway Property Solutions: short sales negotiations and real estate consulting (started in 2006) The REI Lab: Real Estate Coaching, Real Estate Funding, Real Estate Software, & Real Estate Training (started in 2010)

Today Laura also runs several real estate groups around the country and organizes real estate expos with keynote speakers like Robert Allen (author of “Nothing Down” and “Multiple Streams of Income.”) Real estate is not an easy business to break into, however with the right knowledge and guidance it can become profitable and successful in a very short time. There are dozens of ways to make money in real estate investing, and you might try several venues, before you find the one that truly interests you.

Read more about Laura on her website and connect at Lauraalamery.com and Facebook.