“BUYING HOMES FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR: Negotiating with Motivated Sellers” – The process of purchasing real estate at extremely discounted prices starts long before you reach the closing table. Negotiating with motivated sellers begins at the initial phone conversation or face-to-face meeting, continues through to the property walkthrough, and ultimately culminates (hopefully) with the signed purchase and sale contract.

To successfully navigate this process on a consistent basis, there are a number of essential skills, strategies and negotiation tactics that must be added to your proverbial toolkit. The questions that you ask (or don’t ask), the tactics that you decide to employ, how you overcome objections, and the manner in which you present the offer, can mean the difference between walking out with a deal or walking out empty-handed.

At this month’s chapter meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, “Buying Homes for Pennies on the Dollar,” we’re going to specifically look at the process of negotiating with motivated sellers, and show you some real-world tactics and strategies to help you secure your best possible deal.

Some of the topics we will discuss in depth on include:

● Understanding the Seller’s Needs

● How to Effectively (& Quickly) Build Rapport

● How to Present your Offer…

● And “THE ULTIMATE DEAL CLOSER”…a calculation that I promise will have you closing more deals!

If you’re ready to learn the insider secrets to buying homes for pennies on the dollar, then this month’s Professional Investors Guild chapter meeting is for you!

Grab your smart phones now, and mark your calendars for the chapter meeting in your area! We’ll bein PANAMA CITY on Monday, June 18th at the Palms Conference Center. ALL WORKSHOPS start promptly at 7 PM with networking and registration beginning at 6:30 PM.