ICOR presents Real Estate Shark Tank at June’s Monthly Meeting

See real time deals presented by real estate investors to a panel of real estate "sharks" looking to lend or partner.

Will our sharks take the bait or will our presenters get eaten alive?

Have you ever looked at a profitable deal and had to pass it up because you didn’t have the cash?

Have you ever had to walk away because of a financing glitch?

Could you use a partner with some real expertise and decades of experience to help you make your deal work?

Would you like the opportunity to present a deal to a panel of loan officers and veteran investors with access to serious capital– who are themselves looking for a deal?

Would you like some constructive criticism and an opportunity to learn?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, don’t miss the next Investment Community of the Rockies meeting!

How it works:

If you’re familiar with the ABC reality show “Shark Tank,” then you know the format.

We’re convening a panel of some of Colorado’s top private lenders and most successful real estate investors. All of them, of course, are looking for profitable deals – and need people like you to help them find them.

Your job, if you choose to participate as a presenter, is to come prepared to brief your very best real estate idea. Something you need a leg up with, either via a loan or an equity partner.

Figure out what your investment thesis will be, estimate the capital required, and tell the board why it will be profitable. Address safety of capital and time frames, and make the case why it would behoove them to get involved in your deal.

If you don’t choose to be a presenter, come anyway – and bring a friend who’s interested in real estate. We expect a few deals will ultimately get funded... after a solid round of due diligence, of course. But everyone present is going to have a fun, enjoyable learning opportunity.

It’s free to ICOR members. Plus, we’re opening this one up to guests, as well. No charge. We’re that confident that your friends will want to sign up as members after this one.

Presenters are encouraged to contact Tim Emery for more information: [email protected]

5:45pm - Registration opens
6:30pm - Sharing Success / Haves & Wants
7:00pm - Main Meeting
8:30pm - End of Main Meeting/Continued Networking

Cost: Free to Members & First Time Guests. Subsequent meetings are $25 per individual

Please check the calendar (https://icorockies.com/calendar/) regularly as each month is a different topic. Hope to see you at the meetings!