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    Rentals, What do i need to know to get started?
    Learn everything you need to know to take your first tentative steps into the investing world! Or, for those of you with more experience, come share what you have learned about buy and hold rental property.

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    What we'll do

    Come join our Meeting. The goal for the new year is to make all of the connections you wish you would have made in 2017. Everybody is looking for something in our industry, whether it be a Buyer for a flip, a Lender for your deal or maybe you are looking for your next partner! We try to bring all of our local investors together to communicate and network to make ALL of us more successful and profitable. Bring your Friends, Bring your significant others, Bring your excitement and enthusiasm for being alive and motivated today in the greatest market we have available at our fingertips! We have:
    Potential Partners
    Active Investors with a wealth of experience and new investors searching for inspiration and guidance.

    • What to bring
    Budding Conversation Skills and an Open mind