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❓ Have you tried real estate but struggled to make it work?

Join us for a full-day of Rehabbing Real Estate Reality in a Live On-Site Bootcamp Event!

Get the ultimate Real Estate Blueprint to Earning Millions Flipping Houses

Here are some of The Investor’s Blueprint specs you can expect:

✅ How to find deals in todays market.

✅ Write offers that kill and almost guarantee you’ll make money…or it isn’t a deal.

✅ How to flip houses if you don’t have any money.

✅ Design to sell and estimate rehab cost like a licensed contractor….even if you don’t know anything about construction.

✅ How to build a championship team so you can win the real estate game.

✅ Marketing made simple so your house gets flipped quick.

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Anyone who has attended one of our Bootcamps in the past will tell you that it is a potentially life-changing experience. wholesaling or rehabbing properties and managing contractors is a fast game. Few investors have the perseverance to succeed in the rehab business, because the game is hard to master. Mistakes on the job can cause you to lose your shirt or worse yet have your shirt ripped off your back. The scope of knowledge you must possess to complete a profitable rehab is very large…it’s these new systems and strategies that we will be sharing with everyone who joins us at the event!

  • On site live bus tour
  • The latest marketing techniques and online strategies to get all the deals you will ever need to Rehab or Wholesale
  • Learn how to screen and hire contractors
  • How to Formulate A Scope of Work
  • How to Formulate A Payment Schedule to keep every job on track
  • Step by Step breakdown of the Rehabbing Process
  • Learn the skills and techniques that will make you the most valuable Wholesaler in your market.
  • Learn the techniques to estimate renovation costs accurately and efficiently so your numbers are spot on.

Register HERE and use DISCOUNT CODE "BP" for a 20% discount off of admission.