Santa Clarita BiggerPockets OOS REI

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  • 09/10/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 3rd floor -- double doors straight ahead from elevator, 25129 The Old Road, Suite 350 Santa Clarita, California 91381
  • Free

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Hi, Josiah gave me the scoop on your meet up. I'm an Indy investor and would love to come chat with other out of state investors to see what other people are doing. I mainly go the to the Santa Monica Meet Up and the El Segundo FIBI meet up. If I can't make this Monday I'll definitely come to the Oct one.


Would love to join but I’ll be in Cleveland checking out the market. When is your next meeting? 

@Aaron Cullen we look forward to meeting you in Oct. @Kiki Helland our next meet up is Oct 9, same place. @Shane Coffey this event is just a meet up, no cost, no pitches, just a bunch of like minded people who are real estate investors and want to share lessons and learn from each other. Some times, we have speakers that come in and share their knowledge on topics from finding deals, different markets, finance to appraisal process, etc...