Hi guys & gals!

One of the hot topics recently in the real estate investing world, is "BRRR" Deals - Buy - Rehab - Rent - Refinance. It's a way to get into multifamily, and hopefully, get a bunch of your original cash back on the deal but still hold the asset.

This was an interesting one from the beginning - there was a story on how LONG it took us to purchase, a rogue fire, how we offered value-adds to the seller to get him to remain with us throughout the deal, and of course, the construction issues themselves, since nothing ever goes smoothly. Sprinklers, rebuilding the third floor, etc.

For those that haven't seen it yet - we have some EXCELLENT "pre-pictures" here:

Come check it out, ask questions, provide feedback, and meet other local landlords, rehabbers, developers, wholesalers & agents!

Yes - AGENTS also definitely welcome! Find out how we can double your commissions in the next year!

There's NO SELLING at this event, just information and networking.

PARKING: Off street and street parking available.