NYC Real Estate Investors Morning Meeting

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  • 10/12/18 08:45AM - 09:30AM America/New_York
  • Starbucks located 40th St and Broadway, 1411 Broadway New York, New York 10018
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

Please join our growing and expanding network for our NYC Real Estate Investors Morning Meeting!

We will start having meetups monthly to network and discuss current real estate investing opportunities, trends, and the like.

Our goal is to hold this meetup to help real estate investors network for opportunities, investors, mastermind, discuss strategy, lean new ideas and techniques.

Two of our prior meetups that I wrote a blog post on, focused on overcoming your fears and what to do in a competitive real estate environment.

We welcome new and experienced investors seeking to invest today or are currently invested in real estate, as well as in the future!

Quick and informal networking and investing while enjoy a morning coffee (and whole grain bagel with butter in my case)!

Please share, send me a message if you're interested or have questions!

PS - Don't forget to bring a print out of a current deal you're working on!

Hi everyone! Looking forward to the meetup on October 12th.

Last meetup we discussed some of the challenges of investing: finding a professional real estate management company, contractors, and facing unexpected situations. We discussed that one of the problems is that sometimes smaller investments are harder to attract top performers, and that buying larger units helps cure some of these issues. We also discussed that partnerships are a great way to scale up, so you have more capital to deploy. That said, we also received several questions of where to invest in, and at the time, I was really only able to tell you where I invest in (Bethlehem, PA and Waterbury, CT) and some markets we're looking in.

This meetup, we'll be discussing the idea of selecting a farm area / real estate area to invest in, so you can identify a place to invest that works for you!

We hope you enjoy it and looking forward to seeing you at the meetup!

Hi all,

What are you real estate investing goals for the next 90 days to close out 2018 with a bang??

Why are you investing in real estate? What is it going to take for you to accomplish your goals? Do you need to find a farm area/target market, analyze more deals, line up financing, or find more capital? Identify the issues that are stopping you from completing your goals, and try to come up with ways to overcome these obstacles, so you can complete (and surpass!) your goals!

My goal is to acquire 3-4 properties by December 31.

What are your goals? Share them with us!

Looking forward to reading all of your goals!

Alright guys! If you haven't seriously considered your goal for the rest of the year, speak to @JoAne Baptiste ! Great goal - take out that home equity and invest it to create a passive income stream. If you have a 401K or IRA, transfer some unused funds into a Self directed IRA to invest in real estate, which I assisted an investor in setting one up.

Your goals are completely up to you! Make your goals whatever you want. I chose 3-4 acquisitions. I know I can do it. Pick something you know you can do to start the ball rolling. Once you pick up enough speed, you'll be speeding!

Towards my goals, I got one under contract today. I wanted to share this so you can see that deals are possible. I'm not going to lie, this one took a while, resulting from a strong seller's market. But keep digging for deals!

Here's the link to listing.

Here's the link to BP deal analysis.

Let me know if you have any questions!

See you at the meetup!

Hi, all! Excited for this round!

Great reads Tzvi. I have big goals I'm working on to finish this year strong.

  • GOAL 1. Working on behalf of two investors; find and analyze opportunities, in NYC [challenging, I know!] Where they can put in offers at 25% less than list or 30% less if cash at a min. 4% ROI and make sure I'm sending them bi-weekly market updates to get them to put in at least one offer each by Nov. 15. Due; ASAP.
  • GOAL 2. Working on behalf of two property owners; get their off-market listings packaged and a marketing/outreach plan in place to shop around. Due; Dec. 31 for Q1
  • BIIIIIIIG GOAL 3. I have a Buyer's Group I'm cultivating. These folks are looking to co-purchase townhouses in the NYC metro area. I plan to launch my 6-week long seminar winter 2019.  Due; Dec. 31 for Q1
    • Which means by the end of the year- I need to finalize my tracking system where I'm quickly able to analyze opportunities and get that info to my buyers.
    • Then find and confirm a network of lawyers, financiers, and contractors/architects that want to come speak and meet these folks during that seminar period to ultimately assist them to the finish line. 

@Account Closed - thanks for sharing your goals! These are awesome! What does it mean to co-purchase? Do you mean to buy together in a joint venture/partnership? Also, great job on forming specific goals and due dates!

Keep your goals coming!

@Tzvi Ausubel : Yay- all those "goal setting" books are working ~lol. 
And, yes, co-purchase meaning a joint venture/partnership for that entry-level buyer (1.5M - 2.5M -all in)- looking for more space and autonomy but not able- or not willing - to pull it off on their own.

Hi everyone! Thanks for replying you'll be attending Friday's meetup. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

I wanted to follow up with you on my post from above:

1. Have you set up their goals yet?

2. Did you choose your target market were to analyze deals? If not, we'll be discussing this at Friday's meetup!

3. How many deals have you analyzed since you set up your goals?

4. How many calls to agents have you made? Are you working with one or a few different agents?

5. Did you try to get prequalified for a mortgage? If not, this is a great way to get your offers accepted!

6. How many offers have you submitted on deals you've analyzed? 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Friday!

Here's another goal:

Set up an automated search on one or more of the real estate listing sites! 

Quick story: I have a few different searches setup, and one of the properties I'm under contract on, was a direct result of receiving the automated search and being quick to act. The alert came from Redfin for a property that is attached to a property I already own in Bethlehem. As such, I already knew I wanted the property and the price was high. I quickly called my agent and got an offer submitted right away at a pretty good discount to the asking price. We negotiated on purchase price and came to a good agreement.  Both parties signed the contract quickly, and we're having the home inspection performed. Bottom line, without the automated search, I probably would not have seen this property for sale and been able to get under contract. Set up your search for your target market today and act quickly!

***Come to Friday's meetup and receive a printout of the deal analysis!***

Thanks to everyone for coming this morning to discuss how to select a secondary target market! We hope you got some value out of coming and look forward to seeing you at the next NYC Real Estate Investors Morning Meeting!

Next meetup we will be discussing legal considerations for new investors (how to review a purchase agreement / lease, etc.).

If you have any questions, please send a message and/or leave your comments on this thread!

I am sorry I missed this one @Tzvi Ausubel ! I didn't mark my calendar and realized today that it pasted already. I'll catch up on the next one in November.