Mike Jacka is a full time investor of 25 plus years and the developer of the Property Analyzer Tools that are available through MAREIA as a Premium Upgrade.

At this training, Mike will show you how to Quickly and Accurately Estimate Repairs, Analyze a Property and Make Offers that Get Accepted.

One of the things that hold many people back is the fear of making a mistake because they may have missed something or that they think they don't know all details that the experienced investors do. Over the years I have developed systems and checklists to help my staff and agents collect the required information and how to read/analyze the information so that it all makes sense.

The next step is how to use all that information to make an offer that the seller is more likely to accept and how to make money from the deal once the seller accepts your offer.

The national average of deals to offers ratio is around 20 offers made to buy 1 property. That simply doesn't make sense to me. Most people that follow my system have reduced that number down to buying 1 out of every 3 offers they make.

What you will learn at this special training:

  • How to Quickly and Accurately Estimate Repairs in 10-15 minutes
  • How to Find Comps (Comparable Sold Properties) even without access to the MLS
  • How to use a Seller Net Sheet as a Negotiating Tool
  • How to Analyze every Property QuicklyHow to Construct Offers that Sellers are more likely to Accept.
  • How to Present your Offers Professionally

Mike will walk you step by step through his process of looking at an making an initial repair estimate on a potential deal, and show you how he does this in 10-15 minutes so you can quickly calculate your MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) for cash deals.


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