Calling all Newbies, Wholesalers, Seasoned Investors, and/or Real Estate junkies! We are having another networking event and you are invited. At this meeting we will be discussing Property Inspections! So your offer was just accepted …what's next …walk through/Inspection your due diligence period…?

  • What do you look for ?
  • How do you know if this is worth your time and money?
  • Is the roof ok ?
  • Is the foundation ok ?
  • Is that ring in the celling a big issue or a little one ?
  • Is the furnace good for another few years or does it need to be replaced now ?
  • How do I know if I even I need an inspection or if this property is even worth it ?

Our professional Inspector fromwill give several key things to look for as you inspect a property for the first time.He will also discuss the benefits a professional inspection before you purchase any property.

We will also have a free gift for those that RSVP for this event.

I hope that you can use these events to build your team, member by member to achieve Real Estate success !

Please come and join us Thursday September 27th @ 7pm. (Did I mention there will be wine...)