Marshalls Brewery BP Meetup

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  • 09/27/18 05:30PM - 06:30PM America/Chicago
  • Marshalls Brewery New location , 1742 E 6th St Tulsa,, Oklahoma 74014
  • Free

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Lets meet up, Talk Real Estate, and Drink Beer.

Come and have a beer! We are meeting up every week with a consistent group of people that are looking to causally talk about investing in real estate, help one another with their real estate ventures, and have a good time doing it.

We are meeting at Marshalls Brewing Company. We plan on moving the location around so we can keep it fresh and experience the different areas in Tulsa. Open to suggestions!

I was thinking that it could be cool for all of us to listen to this weeks podcast and spend 15- 20 minutes masterminding the topics discussed to improve our learning! Then we can spend the rest of the time networking. 

Does this sound like it would add value to the meeting?

What are other things we can do to add value to our meetings?

I think that's a good idea. That's episode 297 today and I believe they'll be releasing a new one Thursday. This will be my first meeting and after seeing how it goes I can better offer what I deem to be impactful ideas.

@Jeff O'Neal  had a great idea about giving a quick commercial as to who everyone is and what they are looking for within the group. That way we can all help each other with the different aspects of investing and build off one another.