Learn the Airbnb Laws in Colorado

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Grab a drink and learn the Airbnb laws in Denver and Colorado Springs (as well as other Front Range cities in Colorado). 

  • What you can do in Denver with short-term rentals ... and what you can not.
  • The latest on Colorado Springs' attempt to regulate short-term rentals.
  • The latest on the Colorado state bill that would tax Airbnbs/short-term rentals at commercial rates.
  • What insurance products you need to protect yourself
  • Bring questions!


James Carlson

That's great. I operated 3 AirBnb's. Once Fort Collins put the breaks on the industry, rather than fight, I turned one of my STRs into an Exec rental (29 nights) and the other two back into long term rentals. Great cash flow, margins aren't what people think (kind of like Uber), but because it is consistent cash flow, you feel rich. My two cents, but experts are needed! Good luck with your presentation!