What you will learn at the Private Money & Syndication Summit:
  • Accredited investors, debt partners and equity partners defined, and how we approach each of them.
  • CrowdFunding – How to successfully use crowd funding sources and various group funding websites to purchase a
    self storage facility.
  • Mezzanine Financing – How the “Mezz” lenders operate, and how to use them to create $0 money down deals.
  • How to get private lenders to partner with you, even if you’ve never done a deal and your credit is “shakey”
  • How and where to find angel investors, deep pocket individuals and big money associations.
  • The SEC rules and laws you must know to protect yourself when approaching the private investors.
  • Proper Entity Structures and TICs (Tenants in Common)
  • Step by Simple Step – How we set up our PPM’s (Private Placement Memorandums) and syndicates, showing what’s in it for the investors, what’s in it for you, and what’s included in the operating and subscription agreements.

That's not all!