Join us for this value and action- packed meeting! Dean Rogers is an exciting presenter with his tips and secrets of how he built his Wholesaling business after he was forced to hang up his cleats and leave the SD Chargers after too many concussions! After a brief stint in the tech world, he quickly realized THAT was not leading him towards Living life on HIS terms! He found Wholesaling in 2012. And in 2014 he found Flipping! Dean will offer great tips and ideas for getting your business up and going - Ninja Style!

Corey Goldstein, owner of Charlotte (NC) Outback REIN is back in town! Corey is a wealth of information and a serial entrepreneur (at age 15!) Author, speaker and owner of several companies, Corey will talk to us about Mindset and Wealth Building through Real Estate!

It will be a full evening. Bring a Friend....remember, First timers are FREE!!!! Register early for the $20 early registration! Or $30 at the door for those who procrastinate!  Check out our website and LIKE US on Facebook! SD OutbackREIN