This is the class you all asked for! Find out how to Fix and Flip the right way!!!!! 

Spend a day with us in a content-rich training workshop and hands on experience!

This workshop is ICOR’s “flagship” & we will be teaming up with subject matter experts at Invest Success to address the two major hurdles investors face: acquiring through estimating fix-up costs and the actual rehab process.

Your registration includes:

  • One free guest ticket
  • Lunch provided

Attend this workshop to learn:

  • 10 ways investors can take control of a property with emphasis on determining their “fundability”
  • Case studies of properties to estimate rehab costs
  • How to estimate the After Repair Value (ARV)
  • Important ethics and exit strategies
  • And much more!

Learn the most important real estate skills, directly from the experts who are on the ground in Denver, doing deals, and making money every day!

Agenda for the day:

The morning will be spent in the class room learning to find deals and estimate Rehab cost.

The afternoon will be spent looking at 2 potential deals and learning how to correctly estimate the Rehab cost. Driving will be involved.

About the speakers:

Tim is the owner of Invest Success, a local Colorado coaching and mentoring program focusing on Fix and Flips and Investment Real Estate. He is also thrilled to be part of the new ICOR leadership team. Tim knows Denver like the back of his hand which helps him in finding properties that are good for flipping.

Vincent is the co-owner of Invest Success and has been successfully investing in real estate for 6+ years. He has been involved in education for over 12 years, thus showcasing his passion for mentoring entrepreneurs in helping them achieve their financial goals.