Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup

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  • 12/18/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • Summit Grill Event Space, 520 W 75th St Kansas City, Missouri 64114
  • Free

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Our team at Bridge Turn Key Investing is starting a real estate meet locally here in Kansas City with the mission of helping our community growing and learning in real estate. We will be bringing the best and brightest friends, mentors... the best minds we can find! To help share learning, opportunities, tactics, and bring serious value and help no matter where you are in your real estate investing life.

Who This Is For:
Anyone interested in real estate investing. From someone who hasn't done a deal yet, to someone doing dozens of deals a year. To anyone in construction. Realtors. Investors. Title companies. Business owners looking for investing opportunities.

First and foremost.... people who want to HELP. People who want to GROW. People who want to SUCCEED. Set Goals. And get after it in real estate, whatever that means for them. Team players. People who like to see others succeed just as they are also succeeding.

This group is going to help change lives of everyone who is there, and we want to make sure you are willing and committed to change your life, and help change the lives of everyone else who is around you.

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Hi @Nathan Brooks . I think I am going to attend. I am a newbie too. I've taken the first steps with my realtor in finding/analyzing properties, but it's taking that next step of actually "taking that next step". I think a lot of others are in or have been in the same situation. I need to start networking as I enjoy learning as much as I can about REI. Looking forward to it.


PUMPED @Kyle Boyce . You will be in the right place to start taking action. Can't wait for your to attend. If you would (and haven't already).... mark going on the facebook event as well. Its under "Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup." ... Trying to make sure we have a clear head count. Thanks and see you there!

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