Airbnb Laws in Colorado

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  • 12/06/18 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/Denver
  • Carbon Cafe & Bar. We'll be in the back. , 1553 Platte, #130 Denver, Colorado 80202
  • Free

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Do you know what you're allowed to do with short-term rentals in Colorado?

Come learn the laws and opportunities from Colorado's Airbnb experts.

The event is FREE but please RSVP here on BP or register on our website.

Get updates on what's happening with Colorado Springs' newly enacted Airbnb regulations and how Denver's Airbnb laws are being enforced. We'll discuss:

-- Cities that are friendly to Airbnb investment
-- What you can do in Denver ... and what you can't
-- Insurance products to protect you
-- Tax collections
-- City enforcement efforts

See us in-person at the Carbon Cafe & Bar. We'll be in the back room. Again, RSVP here on BP or register on our website.

Just a reminder that TOMORROW we'll be discussing how the latest in Colorado Airbnb laws. Such as:

  • How the city of Denver is increasing its short-term rentals/Airbnb enforcement. 
  • How Colorado Springs new law allows STR investment properties ... and how it could go away in as little as 6 months.
  • I'll make a few very dry jokes that -- coupled with beer -- could make this an entertaining night.

Want to house-hack? Buy for investment? Rent out your room? All things we can talk about. Hope to see you all there. Details above.

Will you be recording this at all?  I am out of town until Friday and super bummed I can’t attend :( 

For those of you who can't make it tonight -- looking at you @Julie Hill -- we will live stream it through Facebook. It will also be available in its entirety after the event on Facebook. You can watch at

But really, you should come in person. You get to ask questions and drink beer. Plus, my incredibly dry wit doesn't translate on TV as well.  

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