Austin Texas Women's Meetup Group

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  • 02/06/19 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Location is TBD - Based upon interest of members, TBD Austin, Texas 78745
  • Free

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Hi Ya'll! Happy Holidays!

I recently connected with some great ladies in PA who are looking to expand their organization in the Austin market. I volunteered to be an organizer in the Austin market and are looking for women interested in attending the meetup groups. I am also looking for knowledgeable women who would be interested in speaking at these events and share what they do, and how they can help other women in the community (Realtors, Hard Money Lenders, Contractors, Buyers, Wholesalers all welcome!).

For more information about the organization, check out 'InvestHer Community' on FB or "the Real Estate InvestHer Show' podcast. InvestHer Community is looking to empower women real estate investors create both a financially free and balanced life. 

Please post or send me a DM if you are interested in joining this community of women. 

Thank you! 

I would love a womens meetup in Austin but I am about 3 hours away so a Friday would be way better that a Thursday, or are there such things as virtual meetups? Either way, love that you are doing this!!

Hi Stephanie, Happy Holidays!

I am also a part-time flipper/rehabber in Austin, recently became an accidental landlord.  I actually spent a couple hours this morning listening to an InvestHer podcast, and would love to join the group, granted the meetups are organized outside of business hours (as I have a full time job).

I would love to join the group too, though I am in San Antonio and would also need to make it outside the work week and/or virtually.  I lived in Austin for about six years early in my career, but so much has changed since I was there, so I feel like I'm relearning the city.  Now I am trying to make the transition from wannabe to investor, and would love to get to know others in the Austin area who are managing to make this work!

HI Stephanie,

Good idea setting up a meetup for women. I would love to join you all. I'm a relatively new investor and agent. Keep us posted on the location. My location preference would be in South Austin or South of Austin. 

Thanks @StephanieBanno !  Happy Holidays everyone! 

Listening to the InvestHer podcast now... 

I would be very interested in joining a local women's meetup.  Definitely feel this industry is dominated by men and we all could use the support. I'm new to Austin, recently moved from Florida where I briefly worked as a realtor. Studying for my TX license now and interested in value-add multifamily properties. I'm in Central Austin, any location is ok with me. Excited about meeting you all!

I am new to real estate investing and would love to connect with women in this area. Interested in attending 

I have a free location in CP you all can use if needed to meet. Msg me if interested. 

@Nishi Pasarya

Hi Nishi! Thanks so much to reach out! I should have a location/date and time confirmed in the next week! It will be after 5pm sometime durinf the week. I will let you know!

@Elizabeth Bourbon

Great to hear from you!!! I’ve actually received quite a few inquires from gals in San Antonio market. Would you have any interest in being an organizer in the SA for the InvestHER community?

I will keep you posted on virtual meetings/Austin meeting details.

@Elizabeth Hernandez

Hi Elizabeth! Appreciate you reaching out! I am looking for locations in central/south Austin and will keep you posted!

@Mariana Santos

Hi Mariana! Welcome to Austin! Hope you are doing well getting settled into Austin! Will keep you posted on the location/date and time. Thank you for reaching out!

@Danny Webber

Thanks Danny! I’m looking for somewhere in central/south austin based upon the location of interested gals! Appreciate you reaching out! Let’s connect outside of this meetup group! Will send you a DM.

Hi @Stephanie Banno ! This sounds great. I just attempted to join the FB group (is the admin Andresa? I hope it's the right group lol!). I'm a Broker but I only keep it active for friends/family and personal investments, I work full time in corporate healthcare but am making my exit from the corporate world by this summer. I own a few investment properties, some around Austin, and am currently rehabbing two flips as well. I"m interested in owning larger multifamily properties and SFR flips moving forward. Would love to meet everyone!

I would be interested in being a sponsor once you get this going

Hi Ladies!

Thanks for your interest in the InvestHer Meetup Group! It’s officially schedule for February 6th @ 6pm at Infinite Monkey Theorem on South Congress. I have invited Melissa Johnson to come speak at our first event!

Please RSVP to the meetup link below!

Join me at Flipping Close to 1000 Houses & Finding Deals in a Hot Market

Look forward to meeting everyone! :)

Hi everyone! I live in San Antonio and am so excited to drive up to Austin for this women's meet up! I'm a fairly new investor; I've been working with a mentor for the past few months and I'm now really working on meeting more women in the industry. Really looking forward to this! –Camille

I'm looking forward to meeting Austin-area ladies involved in Real Estate Investing. My husband and I are relatively new to this and have a couple of properties but we definitely have lots to learn. See you soon!

I am excited to meet everybody as well!  I've been thinking about investing in real estate for a couple of years now and it's time. Looking for my 2nd property (multi-family), and  I'm hoping to make some great connections!  

Hi everyone,

I'm looking forward to meeting, networking and learning from other women in the Austin area. 

Do we know where we are meeting yet?

See you all soon!!

@Narrie Moye , apologize for the delay! We are meeting tonight at 6pm at Infinite Monkey Theorem off of congress and Ben White/290. Hope you can make it!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Hi ladies,

I'd like to invite you to my meetup in Austin, TX. I started this event last year and we have built a great group. It's free, educational, and lots of networking. The intent is to bring a good people together and help each other to be better. Hope to see you there. 

RE Ballers on Tuesday March 12th

@Madhavi Nade , Good morning! The next meetup is tonight at 6pm if you can make it! If not, we are meeting every first Wednesday of the month at 6pm! Feel free to join the meetup group below for the event details and speaker announcements! :)

Check out The Real Estate InvestHER Meetup - Austin TX

Hope to see you tonight!!!

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