David Greene Event - How to Invest While Working a Full Time Job

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  • 01/30/19 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • NY Life (12 floor), 2121 S. El Camino Real San Mateo, California 94403
  • Free

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hey it says this event is sold out, I would love to attend is it sold out.?

I was also excited when I saw this, but then realized it was sold out 😔

Any more info on how to attend this sold out event? 

Sold Out?????? 

can't believe that!! SOLD OUT
will there be live streaming of this meetup?

I'll head over to check out the event. If it's full to enter at least it will give me the opportunity to meet like minded people and listen to my David Greene audio book as well.

Like several of the posters above, I noticed that the event appears to be "Sold Out" on the RSVP link which makes it pretty confusing to know if I'll be able to attend the event or not (Is the online RSVP a hard cap due to room size? Or is there enough space for more people with the RSVP helping gauge how many people might be attending?). 

@David Greene it'd be helpful in the future to have some signalling on the above :)

I will still be attending (or attempting to attend) the event and if the event ends up being full I propose we still have a meet-up. Tagging a couple of the above posters: are any of you still intending to attend? Feel free to shoot me a message on BP and we can coordinate something as a Plan B. 

@Gregory Ostolaza , @Varinder Singh , @Jeff Leonard , @David Noh , @Eric Lee , @Blake Lasky , @Connie Chan , @Matthew Kelly

@Michael Tan

Unfortunately, I have other plans for today. Good luck !

Can't really complain about free knowledge sharing ! Will try to attend the next one.

@Michael Tan

I’m planning  on showing up and seeing what’s going on if there’s no room I’ll head to a nice spot for dinner. 

@David Greene - Thanks for your information and energy last night.  It's always inspiring.

Thank you @David Greene for accommodating everyone with a larger room. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the next meetup.

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