NJ Multifamily Investment Club- March Mtg w/ guest Matt Faircloth

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  • 03/12/19 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Entrance to meeting is through back doors off parking lot., Presbyterian Church in Westfield 140 Mountain Avenue Westfield , New Jersey 07090
  • Free

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Going to be an awesome meetup! We welcome Matt Faircloth of the Derosa Group and author of "Raising Private Capital". Matt also has been featured on the Bigger Pockets Podcast Ep. 203 "Raising Private Money to Build Your Real Estate Empire". Matt is going to join on and do a case study on an Apartment Complex Acquisition and then dive in to all things raising money. The Do's and the Don't's. As always we will be bringing the value so come ready to learn and have questions ready - this is a can't miss!

Hey I’m a newbie lol I’m cominf with my girlfriend so we can learn from you guys 

Just signed up. This is my first REI event. Looking forward to learning and connecting.

May bring the fiancee along so she can learn too :) 

Sounds great Joe! Looking forward to it as well!

@Jason Yarusi Hey, I'm new to the forum. Sorry. Where and when is the meeting?

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