Table For Four (Or Setting Goals in a Small Setting)

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  • 04/17/19 12:00PM - 01:00PM America/New_York
  • Will email central location following RSVPs. , TBA New York, New York 10075
  • Free

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Think of this as the anti-meetup.  Four people from the BP community meeting for lunch and discussing real estate.  You might make a great business connection, meet a friend, or just have a good cup of coffee.  

I will follow up with everyone who responds.  If you are interested and also among the first, you will get an invite with further instructions as to location.  I will create a wait list for everyone else and they will have first dibs on future meetings which I intend to keep small.  Looking forward to better engagement.  

Hi Randi, my name is Selvin Cummings. I came across your info reading a replay you provided to someone just starting in wholesaling. The question was whether it was true "Wholesaler" actually need a license or not. I figured it would be a great benefit for me to sit with you for the mere fact that you're also an Attorney and Investor. I have a few goals I'm hoping to meet a few times over before we meet, but of course I would certainly appreciate this opportunity. 

If by chance, no one else responds and you would prefer to converse in a private chat, I'm open for that or whatever means you'd suggest.

Sincere Thanks.

Thank you for your message. I wish I could go.  I will be working at that time.

Please invite me next time again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hello Ms. Plevy, I just recently joined the BiggerPockets community and have been noticing your participation on discussions about real estate investing in New York. I'm a recent college graduate from Queens college and I'm very new to real estate but I want to learn and grow.  

I would love to have the chance to meet you to talk. 

Hello @Randi Plevy ,

Thank you for create this event, although I may not able to attend the meeting in April, I would love to stay connect for the next meeting.


Would love to attend if there is space (or if you make two tables). 

I've been looking for events such as this one.. much more personal than the events I've been to already... I'm looking to share and learn creative lending strategies... 

Experience has been in a multiunit, and 2 condos I rent for Airbnb.. now want to scale my investing to commercial real estate.. already have the proper contacts to do the deals but want to connect with others that might be interested in the same to bounce ideas off of... 

Looking forward to it if there is availability!

- Adianice

Hi @Adianice C.   I really appreciate your interest.  The meeting for April 17 is full, but I will keep your name on my list and most definitely invite you to the next one.  Cheers until then.  

Thanks to everyone who responded.  I have a full table for the April 17 meet up.  My apologies for a bit of a snafu I created.  Not having done this before, I was using the written responses as my RSVPs, and not even noticing the list of people who selected "Attend."  Again, I'm so sorry for the confusion.  My intention is to do this again next month, and I will most certainly be contacting everyone who asked to attend to see if they are available and still interested.  Hope to meet everyone eventually and soon.  Cheers, Randi  

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