Central UP Real Estate Investors Meetup

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  • 03/19/19 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • Border Grill, 1145 W Washington St Marquette, Michigan 49855
  • Free

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Greetings fellow Yoopers!

We are making this meetup a regular event on the third Tuesday of each month. Special thanks to the Washington St Border Grill for allowing us to use this space. Please support the host restaurant by ordering food. Meet in private room on main floor near front door.

We will be discussing numbers on a multifamily or single family deal going onto financing, rent numbers, contractors etc. 

I am excited to meet you all! Please post here if you have any ideas for discussion topics or making this event better. 

Michael Saberniak

Hey - just curious - I have a really creative commercial lender here in Marquette that has helped me get a few deals done. Wasn't sure if you guys already had a commercial person in the meetings? You could hold some sort of a Q&A one day with him, and he could give some tips or pointers on things he can get done. I know he does a lot of SBA loans as well, and helped a client of mine purchase a resort last year.  Not sure if that's something you'd be interested in, but let me know and I can give him the scoop. :)

@Danielle Hammond :

We are small and informal at this point. Sounds like it might be a good fit if he would be willing to talk about it. Typically the discussion leader would talk though the basics in 5-25 minutes and then answer questions.  Feel free to invite him. 

Hey I am just getting started on bigger pockets, but I am an PhD student in Houghton and I don't think I can make it out during the week to Marquette but I head out there periodically and would love to meet some of you out there!

Do any of you ever travel to Houghton or meet on the weekends?

@Kenny Larsen :

So far no and no, but we might consider meeting on an occasional weekend.  I have a friend near where I live here that has a student rental in Houghton. Would you like to be added to the email list for this group? 

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