Bradenton Sarasota REI Mastermind

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  • 04/07/19 10:00AM - 11:30AM America/New_York
  • We will meet on the patio weather permitting, Starbucks, 6521 FL-64 Bradenton, Florida 34208
  • Free

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A small group of local investors who are developing a mastermind/accountability group.  Coffee, networking, and discussions about whatever stage of real estate you might be at.  We can be found at meetup here.

I am a realtor looking to learn more about investing overall. Can I attend the meeting?

Hi Shilo, welcome to BP!

You are absolutely welcome to attend!  Our meetup member list has kind of taken off and I'm not sure we'll have room if everybody attends, but that's a good problem to have.  Bring your goals and your questions and let's chat!

Hello, I'm still relatively new to the real estate investing concept. Is it ok for me to participate any ways? 

I'm a newbie looking to get into rental property investing. I'm in the educational stage looking to learn all that I can before buying my first property.

Hi!  I am interested in attending and learning more about this market. I have some experience flipping houses (done a couple), but it has been more of a hobby.  Want to learn more about how to be a Rental Property Investor and meet other people in this area.

@Christian Arenas , @Barry W Bahr , we are forming a mastermind group and it takes all levels of experience to make a group successful, you are welcome to come and observe, learn, and contribute!

@Jose L Torres please attend!  I'm sure you're experience even from a "hobby" perspective may help somebody and you may meet others who can help you move to the next stage in your investing.

Charles,  Sorry I was not able to make it.  Please let me know when the next event is, I really want to get connected with other folks in this forum.  Thanks!

Please let me know when your next meet up will be..  thx.  

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