Join us for the brand new game of MultifamilyU Monopoly!

Let's kick off this Peninsula Apartment Investor MeetUp with some FUN while we dig in on key concepts for multifamily property analysis. Anna Myers, lead underwriter for Grocapitus, will lay the foundation by teaching underwriting basics (and then some) on how to analyze apartments.

Next, we will organize into teams and provide you with a quick deal analyzer dashboard (laptop required if you want to follow along. If you don’t bring a laptop, don’t worry, there will be plenty of people in the room who will have them). And then it’s time to spin the wheel!!

Who knows what riches or disasters lurk for your apartment building as we spin the wheel to see each team's fate. Let the hilarity ensue as the teams battle it out to see who will win and who will lose the interactive game of MultifamilyU Monopoly.

Learn while you laugh –BRING YOUR LAPTOP OR IPAD ALONG and join the FUN. 

Sign up here:

@Anna Myers