Good afternoon Folks, 4/4/19 1:04pm

Simple Question...

Why are there so MANY Probate Horror Stories?

*Many Decedents haven’t done any Preparation for their eventual Demise.

*Their Affairs may be complicated and hard to manage.

*The Executrix/Executor could have trouble finding What’s Owned and Where it is.

So these Probate Cases could take Years to Legally settle. Even Uncontested Probate takes 5-6 months on average…

*There could be problems with Greed: “Ma said she wanted ME to have ____________ !”

*Heirs can misbehave and just take things!

*Honest disagreements can occur - Who would want an interest in an expensive property that will appreciate significantly, if it requires payments (tax, Insurance, heat, water & sewer) when one of the Heir’s cashflow is low and the other Heirs aren’t interested in selling right away?

We’re down to just a few seats left for this Sunday, Cornerstone of your Assert Protection Plan so make sure you Register ASAP and we’ll meet at Peter’s this Sunday April 7 10-1pm 47 Newbury Street (Route 1 North, just before Sonic carhop) Peabody, MA 01960

According to AllLaw

Typically, many of the assets in an Estate don't need to go through Probate. If the deceased person was married and owned most everything jointly, or did some planning to avoid Probate, a Probate court proceeding may not be necessary.

Once Jonathan has taken care of your Cornerstone Plan:

Will, Living Will, HealthCare Proxy & Power of Attorney You will have no need to waste time in the Probate Court system. (and have your Affairs listed Publicly.)

Only $999./Members with this $29 Sunday Workshop. or Only $1500.nonMembers with this $49. nonMembers Sunday Workshop!

In order to give our members of & a Discount:

Jonathan has agreed to present the Framework to us for an hour and a half (Done last Tuesday 3/26).

Go over all the Documents involved in a three hour Workshop Sunday, April 7 10-1pm (until EVERYONE understands them.)

Then set up appointments in his office for 45-60 minutes to complete the Process and have them validated/filed with the Massachusetts Registry of Deeds and Probate!

All for Only $999. Members only. Only $1500. For non-members!

Workshop - Sunday 4/7/19 10-1pm

$29. For members of

$49 For non-Members

Per Couple? YES

Can you add a Homestead Exemption? YES

Does this include Filing Fees? Maybe, Yes, unless there are Pour-Over wills for minor children or fees for transfer Deeds...

Only Members will receive the Slide Presentation from the 3/26 meeting AT the 1/2 day workshop? YES

I look forward to see you this Sunday, Mike Hurney, Director &

PO Box 307

Marblehead, MA 01945

PS Even if you have an AirTight Asset Plan or are not interested in an Estate Plan right now, we as Investors do, often run into Probate-needing Property. So we do need more understanding of how the Probate system does work when someone has not taken the time to put their Affairs in order! This workshop will teach you How that system does work!