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How do you go from being a mom and pop investor to building a scalable business?
You need to solve for the key constraints:
1) sources of capital
2) deal pipeline
3) building a solid team (realtor, contractor, accountant, lawyer)
4) master brrrr strategy
5) above all, time - follow the 80/20 rule of focusing on the tasks that make you money, and outsource the rest

I’m Palak Shah, owner of Open Spaces Realty Group. I’m a real estate developer, blogger, and in my previous life, I used to be a Mechanical Engineer. I was working in corporate for 17 years climbing the corporate ladder. My husband and I decided to have kids late in life, I thought I had paid my dues, I had focused on my career, now I could enjoy having a family.
I realized that I was supposed to go back to work in 6 weeks. I went back to work and I told my boss I couldn’t travel all over the world like I used to, I wanted more flexible hours. That wasn’t a very welcome request, so I quit to pursue real estate full time. In two years, I have a 2.5 million dollar real estate portfolio. As women, we still make 70 cents on the dollar in the workplace but as business owners, we make our own rules and better yet, there’s no glass ceiling. I now blog about the liberty that entrepreneurship provides and how it allows you to take control of your own destiny - in the grand scheme of things, it’s about having the freedom to make your own choices.

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