REI Meetup - May Networking Event Air BnB

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  • 05/30/19 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Near Meijer Warehouse. Take 496 exit 11, head south, 3420 S Creyts Rd Lansing, Michigan 48917
  • Free

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Nick Popoff will be joining us to discuss best practices for Air BnB., May 30th, 2019. Air BnB can be more profitable then a monthly rental, but is it worth it? Can it be automated? Do local jurisdictions allow it? Comes, be a part of the discussion and help us all sharpen each other.

Meet local investors, network and grow your real estate knowledge.
Property Managers
Multi-family operaters
All are welcome
This event is FREE. Tony M's does have a minimum dollar amount that must be spent to allow us to use the facility, so come hungry, come thirsty and lets talk real estate.

Tomorrow's the day.  Come to Tony M's in Lansing Michigan to talk real estate, investing and Air Bnbs

Sorry I missed this one David.  :-) i'm in on the next one. 

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