Hello BP nation! Excited to host our growing OPT meetup outside of Georgia for the 5th time in New York City as we look to finish the  beginning of the 3rd quarter!

We'd like to build on goals/strategy/ partnerships discussed since our last mastermind as a group and consult one another on strategies we are choosing to execute on and receive direct pointers from the group as well as potential partnerships! These meetups are for anyone who realizes that 'teamwork makes the dream work', regardless of experience in real estate. You either have a skill/knowledge, money or time to offer and/or could use another’s in return.


1) What has worked since our last meetup? What hasn't? What are you looking to add or remove from those experiences?

2) Is this the best course of action? What else can you do? (Open advice / consulting from the group)

'The best collaborations happen when two people offer each other a mutual benefit that supports both parties.' I look forward to seeing you all there to carry momentum into the third quarter!

Big Topics of discussion from the last mastermind:

1) Out of State Investing (licensed in Georgia)

2) Baby Syndications

3) BRRR investing

4) Investing in pockets of New York / New Jersey

5) Virtual Assistance

* We'll have a sign on the table if you're lost, text or call me directly upon your arrival and I'll be glad to greet you! * 925-209-3686

"The OPT meetup mastermind was inspired by my first deal I made with an investor from Bigger Pockets. I imagined...what if I had multiple of these quality partnerships? OPT's mission is to offer the very same opportunity for all of us." - Ruben

Ruben Kanya, Real Estate Agent in Georgia (#382750) | Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors