For those of you tired souls who have resigned yourselves to wait out the hot Tucson summer, come on out to the next meetup of the New Investor's Subgroup of AZREIA! Register here via AZRIEA's Event Calendar

Just before we all skip town (or maybe just skip work...) for the 4th of July week we will serve host to an AZREIA favorite: Barbi Stewart of Fidelity National Title! Barbi & Eugene Moore (Marketing Rep for Fidelity) will be on hand to walk us through the AAR purchase contract as our first topic. No matter your niche (wholesale, flip or hold) the white-hot market we have in Tucson means it's never been more important to make sure your Purchase & Sale Agreement has the correct verbiage to ensure a smooth transaction. What do you need to make sure you have in your contract, before offering on a property? Barbi will be on hand to tell us!

Topic 2 will be on a topic I will be speaking on for the very first time: Bulletproofing the Mind: mental tips to deal with the struggles of REI. A little esoteric compared to our normal fare, but something I think it's important to discuss. How do you guard yourself against the constant rejection associated with making a lot of offers? How do you keep going after hours and months of effort with no immediately visible results? Looking for some tips & strategies to keep your motivation up, and continuing to work your plan fully to the success you want? Stick around & we'll talk about it!

Meeting in our normal location at River/Campbell, and starts at 6:00pm. Plan on wrapping up 7:30-8:00pm or so. See you there!

Tucson AZREIA New Investor Subgroup's vision is to get new investors into action: saving capital, learning the market and doing deals. To support you along the way meetings will include presentations on topics relating to the new investor, highly collaborative breakout sessions where you solve problems as a team, games and activities to instruct or facilitate conversation about RE and money, and a platform to crowd-source input from your peers about deals you're doing or problems you encounter on your journey into REI.

Please do note these meetings are not instructional: we are not presenting a step-by-step model on how to invest in real estate and we will not actively direct you on the path we (whoever "we" are) deem the best path for you. This is a chance to learn, talk with and get to know other investors around town.