1. Ok, it’s a kids story but there’s an important lesson here… You should know a Real Estate opportunity when you “meet" one.

After our meeting this evening, Tuesday, June 25, 2019 6:30-9pm:

You will know, if you should make an Offer? You’ll also know your Maximum Offer! And whether you should Walk Away and let someone else Overpay in this Hot market?

Right now there are Too many Folks chasing Too little available Real Estate! The problem occurs when you let your emotions influence your Offer.

Keep in mind that US successful Real Estate Investors have to “Kiss Every Frog” and “Look Under Every Rock” so that we don’t miss ANY opportunities.

Seems everyone today is a Real Estate Genius, with the kind of Appreciation we’re seeing, of course, that’s temporarily true.

But as P. Brimley says

"Nothing Grows to the Sky!”

I’m not predicting a Recession or even a Slowdown but as you know we can make more on adding value, than we can by gambling that this high appreciation will continue:

I.e. Sometimes a $3,000. Exterior paint job can add up to $10,000. in value. Kitchens and Baths, Landscaping, etc

We’ll begin with analyzing a local Property:


Rate of Return

Income Approach GRM

Debt Service Ratio

If you’ve got a Property You’d like us to Analyze, you’re welcome to email it back to us (but don’t wait until 5:30pm today, an hour before the meeting) and we won’t use the address, remember sometimes we swim with the Sharks.

The most important Lessons YOU WILL learn tomorrow evening are:

How to come up with an accurate Value!

How YOU can develop YOUR own Guidelines/Rules of Thumb so you’re able to quickly Identify (Cinderella) a Real Estate Opportunity.

2. Also Scott has an important Presentation on Bed Bugs and other Pests so we know what to do right away when and if we encounter them!

3. And Marco’s authentic Restaurante’ Pizza.

No charge to current members, Only $25 for Guests and Only $99/year to join.

I look forward to see you soon, Mike Hurney, Director, MassRealEstate.net & NewHampshireREIA.org

PO Box 307

Marblehead, MA 01945

PS Is there a worse mistake, Over Paying, that you can make in Real Estate, especially being in this Business Full Time? If there is, I haven’t made it yet. So let’s make sure we understand Values and Offers so we take that mistake Off the Table!

PPS 4.We’re working with a new Credit reporting agency which we’ll introduce this evening.!

PPPS 5. We’ll review 8 of the 12 Signs your Partnership is in trouble!

PPPPS 6. We’ll also have a gift certificate for the winner of our Marketing Handout challenge. Where we pass around a file with all the Marketing (email, postcard, & letter) Handouts you’ve sent or received, for your perusal. You’re welcome to initial ones you like and take a photo copy. The one with the most initials wins the gift card. So bring any Marketing Pieces you have!

PPPPPS 7. The best part of this evenings meeting is… we get to Network with YOU!