Playing with FIRE in Idaho!

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  • 08/22/19 07:30PM - 08:45PM America/Denver
  • Edwards Grand Teton Stadium 14, 2707 S 25th E Ammon, Idaho 83406
  • $15

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Hello Everyone in South East Idaho; Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Pocatello, Twin Falls... Jackson, Wyoming... If you have been following the BiggerPockets and Money Show podcasts for some time, you are aware of the Playing With FIRE documentary, which is about Financial Independence.

We missed the minimum tickets needed sold for the original date so we are trying again and I believe we can make this one happen. It is set to show in a local theater on Aug 22nd. But in order to do that we need to sell a certain # of tickets in advance. We only have until Aug 14th to reach that minimum. With all of the Idaho Investors on BP, we should have more than enough support to make it happen.

Please follow the link below to purchase tickets and please send the link to everyone you know via social media and email. With your help we can make it happen!Buy one for you and a friend and just tell them they are going with you.

We can plan to have an impromptu BP meeting after it to discuss the film and what we are doing with REI to help get us to FI. As compared to most peoples stories of getting to FI investing in mutual funds or whatever, I believe REI is the shortcut to FI since you don't need to save up $1 million to reach your FI number, just a few down payments or BRRRRs on the right properties could get you there pretty quickly.

If the link gets removed or doesn't work for you, please PM me and I'll send it to you. Hope to see you there! Bring a friend!

Hey everyone in Idaho , time is running out on this. Use the link above and reserve your spot. Let's show the world that Idaho can represent FI. Please be sure to share the link with everyone you know so we can make this happen here in Idaho Falls.

@Jonna Weber @Steve Vaughan Thanks for the support! Even if you are not around you can still help by spreading the word by sharing the above link via social media and email. We need to make it happen but can't do it without the support of those in the know that can help bring this knowledge to many others in our community.

Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rexburg, Twin Falls, Idaho investors... there is less than 8 hours left as of this moment. We still need 31 tickets sold to make it happen. Get your tickets now and buy for your family to go see it. Buy some for your friends as well and invite them to have something to discuss after and get your friends to maybe partner or lend on your deals to help them increase their income and get involved in REI as well. Share the link via FB, Twitter, etc and tell everyone to act now! Time is running out.

I thought for sure our Eastern Idaho REI presence would have got this done already but so far we are showing a poor effort. We can still do this but don't put it off any longer. We can get it done if you can make it happen. I hope to see you there!

I wish I could go! Unfortunately, I’m still in the phase of my career where I have a day job, and can’t make it from Boise. If you think about rescheduling, maybe consider an online admission component so I can tune in! Best wishes and hope it goes well!

This looks like a great event, if you can't get enough registrations for Idaho Falls you might consider holding it in Twin Falls as you might be able to get more attendance from Boise.  Just a suggestion.  

Originally posted by @Senate Eskridge :

This looks like a great event, if you can't get enough registrations for Idaho Falls you might consider holding it in Twin Falls as you might be able to get more attendance from Boise.  Just a suggestion.  

 Agree! Twin Falls is much closer to me and would be much easier to attend. 

@Senate Eskridge Thanks for the idea. I will consider that if we decide to try for it a third time. This was the second go around. Or just the same, anybody else in the Boise or Twin Falls area that feels up to it can host the event and spread the word. It is a documentary film in Financial Independence, not a meeting, just so everyone is clear. Just use the link above and find where it says, 'host an event' and follow the instructions.